Disrespectful Family Member, 6 Easy Steps to Deal with them

Disrespectful Family Member,Disrespectful Family Member 6  Steps to Deal with Them: Healthy Family

There could be many situations which make a person a disrespectful family member to other people, they could be your parents, siblings or children and it is proven that when one person in a family uncontrol their nerves they could make the whole family go through hard times. When it comes to a family member disrespecting the other member, this could create tension and a breakdown in the family. Thus we should know how to handle these types of situations on time.


Put your calm music and read this article so you can calmly think about the steps to follow in this situation of need when you are dealing with disrespectful family member


Set boundaries to talk with disrespectful family members

First of all, you should ready your mind to talk to that person so you should keep pace between talking or shouting at each other, because in this situation sometimes the person who is going to be disrespected starts shouting at the other one. So you should set your boundaries while talking and also expect the other to be within tier limits. 


When you keep them space while talking and talk respectfully they will get to know that you are not going to shout which makes them calm. Communication is a very important part when you are talking to a person having a healthy relationship with you. 


Should be an Active Listener: Practice more to be a good Listener 

Disrespectful Family Member

When it comes to clear something to a person that disrespects you or your perspectives, you should try to be an active listener while communicating with them. Communication in these types of situations is considered a very powerful tool in resolving any issues and communicating with them and listening to them carefully can resolve the issue easier.


When you are an active listener the person could probably share his/her feelings and emotions with you and you should feel and understand their feelings to make them calm.

You should give that person some space to give his thoughts and never interrupt in their thinking while you just listen and understand what they are trying to say.


Be Calm and Self Controlled after Disrespectful Family Member

To bear a disrespectful family member could be challenging to you when it comes to calming them while keeping yourself calm, you should keep your facial expressions still and this can happen only if you have self-control. This could be challenging to you while keeping yourself calm and listening to them what they are trying to say, rather they are disrespecting you.


There are some ways to keep you calm if you need to calm yourself, first of all, count from 1-10 and take a deep breath, this could relax your mind. The other thing is, if you understand that you cannot handle the situation, you can step out except by saying something disrespectful. You can see that when you keep yourself calm, you don’t have to debate or make arguments in the conflict.


Focus on what you are trying to say to a disrespectful family member

disrespectful family member

The first thing is when you talk about only yourself and do not blame anyone, this matter could go in the right direction when you only talk about yourself without blaming the other person. When you choose “I” instead of “You”, you take ownership of the feelings and thoughts which leads to calming the situation and the other person.


When you only talk about how you are feeling about the situation while dealing with disrespectful family member and what are your emotions in this problem without blaming any other person, this could lead to ha healthy communication way. You have to avoid expectations and hypotheses from the other person and only have to focus on the reason for leaving behind the person who disrespects you for some reason.


Seek some support for yourself: Disrespectful Family Member

The only persons on which we trust and have our utmost love is only for our family members but when a family member disrespects you, this could be the most hurting thing that ever happened to you. You just make some way to be out of the situation that hurts you and you have a total breakdown, you should consider seeking some support.


The support can be sought from anyone you trust the most, it could be from a family member, a friend, or a therapist. If you do not pay attention to yourself this might be a reason behind your stress or depression, so it is quite good to just prioritize yourself and just do some self-care. People who are introverted and sensitive can easily be hurt and they need time to recover from something that break them apart.


It’s Family: Forgive and Move on


When a person disrespects you it is very hard to forget about that but when it comes from a family member it could be traumatizing from being disrespected from a family member. Try to forgive the person because it may never be forgotten but forgiving someone, especially from your family could have an outmost impression on your family.


Disrespectful Family Member


You should keep pace and move forward and slowly everything will be as good as it was before, just you have to show some self-esteem and calmness to let go of this.


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