Console Family Members When Someone is Dying

Console Family Members When Someone is Dying: A 6 step Guide to Supportive Conversations

Console Family Members When Someone is Dying: A 6-Step Guide to Supportive Conversations

When someone is dying it is hard for their beloved ones to handle their emotions as family members are feeling heartbreak, in this situation we should support them and console them so they can control their emotions as well as understand the situation. It is hard to get far away from your loved ones but death doesn’t stop besides these tears, the only thing we can do is to understand the situation and support family members in grief.


When a beloved one is dying there must be some reason behind that maybe he completed his time of living and the death date is calling them, this is the only thing we cannot stop from happening. In this article, you must know how to console the family members who are losing their loved ones.


Try to be honest and open while supporting family members

The first thing you can do to support family members when someone is dying is to make them understand the situation and this can only happen when you choose simple and understandable language while telling them the situation. Try to be honest with them about the situation but do also care about their feelings, because losing someone beloved might be very hard for them and they will face difficulty while dealing with this situation.


In this situation, a human becomes so sensitive that a family member from them is going far away and they will not be the same as they were so you should make up some motivational stories about this situation that can make them understand the situation well and the family members will handle their feelings and emotions.


Listen to family members carefully and verify 

Console Family Members When Someone is Dying

Hence losing a family member is not easy for the loved ones but they have to let it go because it is a natural thing and we cannot deny it. But instead of losing your own emotions you can console them by listening to them as an active listener and can support them after acknowledging their feelings. You have to listen to them carefully whether it is important or not, and just show them affection because it is the only thing they need at that time, they want someone to listen to their feelings and emotions they are sharing with you.


Offer your family members comfort and support

There are some ways to console family members when they are in trouble or losing someone they love, you can give them physical support like warm hugs or holding hands so they better know that you are with them in this difficult situation. You can support them by showing them that you are with them and always be there with them in times of need so they will be able to share their feelings with you and try to seek emotional support from you.

Do not bother them if they are not talking to you just let them know that you are here for them anytime they need and they will share your feelings and emotions with them through which you can support your family members.


Have to respect their boundaries

Understand their feelings and emotions because it is quite hard to lose someone you love but you have to keep pace because it is all of nature calls. When your family members are going through this, they need time and space so you should respect their boundaries and not force them to talk to you or share their feelings. 

You have to let them know that it is okay to not be okay sometimes because there are some situations we cannot handle on time, it probably takes time.


Memories of family members 

Console Family Members When Someone is Dying

Ask family members to view the photos of you and the person who’s dying, look at the views you went to together, and make memories with them. Share happy memories with them so it could help to console them, look at the photos you and your family members have with each other and share happy moments with them and make them understand the situation. 

You can also celebrate the last days of life with the beloved family member and all of the other members so it can be remembered all the life it could be the happiest moment for the patient and it could be easier for the dying person to live his/her last moments with happiness.


Seek professional help for family members

It is hard for family members to lose their loved ones so it could be struggling for them to deal with their situation, it could also affect their health or it may cause them to damage their minds. So you should understand them and support them, make them see a therapist if they need to get out of this situation they are facing. 

When the situation comes, some people do not know how to handle that and it could be difficult for them to face that situation and they might need a therapist to talk to. Supporting them agree them for the therapy sessions and making appointments for them, may let them get out of this situation.



When someone is dying, it can be a difficult time for family members. By being honest, listening, offering comfort, respecting boundaries, sharing happy memories, and seeking professional help, we can support each other through this difficult time.

Console Family Members When Someone is Dying


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